Why Content is King in 2018

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Why Content is King in 2018


Why is it so essential for good ranking in Google?

Everyone knows that most Internet traffic originates through search engines. Statistics show that over 74% of the U.S. population use the Internet and most experts agree that 95 percent of people never go beyond the first page of search results. After all, why would they if they found what they wanted? Having a good Google ranking is very important because getting a better search engine ranking is a step towards a sale.

Importance of new content to a website and search engines:

Fresh content is important in terms of search engine optimization. Web users are always looking for the latest information. Search engines understand this and therefore place a heavy emphasis on the freshness of content. Fresh content brings higher search engine rankings and search engines love fresh content. The creation of compelling and useful content is likely to influence your website more than any other factors.

In addition to the content being fresh, it must also be relevant. It makes no sense to add new content simply for the sake of it being new – this alone will not help your search engine ranking. But if your content is relevant, unique and closely tied to the popularity of the various keywords and keyword phrases, then you absolutely can help get your site ranked.

Fresh content will keep both customers and search engines returning to your site. Updating your site often and adding new content is an invitation to the search engines to crawl your site and index new posts.

What Google says about the fresh content and its recently changed algorithm?

Google loves fresh content and frequent updates: It is important to update your site frequently with fresh content and new keywords. Keywords are high in the table algorithm for search engine indexing and classification. Some site owners even say that Google reviews sites after each change is made. A high ranking in SERPs get your site noticed and increases the likelihood of valuable backlinks!

What we know is that a website requires quality content to remain high in the search engine rankings but a website’s content needs also to be interesting, relevant and unique. It is impossible for companies to create content that is interesting, deep and, most important, original at all times.

This increases the rate of duplication of content and link farms. Google has changed their algorithms which help to identify and penalize those sites which simply copy content from one site and present it as unique on their own site. This change implemented by Google will help boost the classification of what are considered high quality sites and push low quality sites which include copied content further down the rankings.


“From the beginning content is king and always be the king.”

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