Ad Swap Secrets – Your Guide To Making $5K Per Month Online

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Ad Swap Secrets – Your Guide To Making $5K Per Month Online


Are you fed up with the push button software that promise you $1000 per day overnight? If you want a system that actually works then you need to read on and actually implement this strategy and you’ll soon see how you have been lied to.

First of all, there is no magic button to making money. What works the best is a strategy called joint venturing. What this means is that you get together with another marketer that is in your niche and you send each other traffic.

This is good because you are getting traffic from someone who is recommending your site and your products.

I know how you feel and how easy it can be to be distracted by all of the new shiny products that show these guys making hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day. It’s tempting, but try to change your mindset and stop believing that there will be a button to push that will allow you to quit your job.

If you can follow this method, you should be making money in no time.

Step 1 – Set up a squeeze page
Step 2 – Write a report of value to give away in exchange for some one’s email address
Step 3 – Drive traffic to your squeeze page and build your subscriber list
Step 4 – Follow up with your subscribers and give them value and create trust
Step 5 – Participate in Ad Swaps or JV’s

Once you have built your list of subscribers you can go look for people to do ad swaps with. This means that you will send an email to your list about their report or product and vice versa. This is a great way to get instant traffic and often sales.

The hardest part about this strategy is building your list initially because you are likely starting at zero subscribers. If you want to build your list really fast you can purchase what are called solo ads in order to get alot of opt in subscribers and be able to do ad swaps that much faster.

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